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So far we have raised $7,718 towards our $50,000 target! That’s 15% of the total!

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About This Fundraiser

We’re currently running a fundraiser to help raise money for updated equipment & additional practice gear for all our Little League Baseball teams.

Why is Fundraising Necessary?

Without the generosity of sponsors and supporters like you, we could not offer safe and effective sports programs to all those who would like to participate.

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Thanks To ALL of Our Supporters!


Nicko Testo

$100.00 August 5, 2020

Great people doing great work! Happy to donate.


Kevin Dervin

$250.00 July 25, 2020

what's up?


Kevin Dervin

$250.00 July 25, 2020

not sure?


Auntie Doe

$250.00 June 8, 2020

Such a talented dancer! Always the winner in my book. I hope this little donation helps.


Mike Public

$25.00 May 9, 2020

Go Joe! Have a great season and good luck with the fundraising.


Jack Daniels

$100.00 May 9, 2020

Love this organiztion!


John Public

$10.00 May 9, 2020

Joe Slugger is the man! Happy to support your baseball organization.


Suzy Sample

$500.00 May 9, 2020

Hope this helps you reach your goal.


Betty Ford

$100.00 May 8, 2020

Go Little Sluggers! We're proud of you Joe Slugger!
Love, Betty


Kevin Dervin

$50.00 May 7, 2020

Proud to support!


Jim Beam

$350.00 May 7, 2020

Joe Blow

$1,000.00 May 7, 2020